The Guardians

Adel Quraishi was commissioned to produce portraits of the eight remaining ‘Guardians’ of the Prophet’s Mosque by the Governor of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Once numbering in the hundreds, the Guardians are keepers of the keys to the Prophet Muhammad’s burial chamber. Quraishi is the only man to have been permitted to photograph these subjects, the last of their generation. Quraishi’s sensitive handling is evident in the emotion conveyed by his sitters, while his technicality shines through in the radiant composition of the photographs. Rendered on a large scale, it is impossible not to be moved by the connection between viewer and subject.



Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London W14 8LZ


21 October to 29 November 2015

Monday to Sunday

10:00 to 17.30

Please note Leighton House is closed on Tuesdays


Free with entrance ticket to the museum £7 | £5 concession
020 7602 3316

High Street Kensington


In partnership with The Park Gallery

About the Artist

Adel Quraishi is a Saudi Arabian photographer. Born in Al Khobar in 1968, he grew up fascinated by the photographic medium and experimented with various cameras from a young age and into adulthood, before taking up the practice professionally in the early 1980s.