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Open Call! 2017 Exhibition

Reconnecting Arts is pleased to announce its 2017 exhibition that invites artists to respond to the theme Transition.


Definition: Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The Arab world has seen a transition both collectively and individually. Transitioning from one state or condition to another is inevitable in life. The concept of transition or change is one that has intrigued artists for centuries, from writing in one’s diary about their experiences, to singing about that one heart break, to photographing the change in the city, or recording the sounds of a distant memory. From painting the ever changing facial expressions to flicking through the pages of a transitioning sketchbook, to filming a story about the future or creating a sculpture from found items on their journey of being displaced.

Geographically, personally or artistically, we want to see, hear or feel the way in which you have transitioned through your creativity.

The exhibitions aim is to engage in dialogue about how artists from the Arab world are individuals transitioning through life. We see the Arab world being exposed to different cultures, the rise of third culture kids or the merge of mixed backgrounds is becoming more common, we see more young people having political opinions, the social rise on social media is widespread and the balancing of both West and East is on a scale that continually drops or heightens. Where usually one person is often a spokesperson for the entire community rather than as their individual self, we aim to shift away from that notion and encourage growth of the individual, to explore the complexities of an identity and the ever transitioning stages we each go through.

This text is just an outline to inspire, feel free to respond to the theme ‘Transition’ in anyway you like.


15TH MARCH 2017


Paintings, Graphic Design, Doodles, Sketchbooks, Photography, Illustrations, Film, Sound, Performance, Sculpture, Zines, Poetry, Short stories/essays, and anything else creative is accepted.

  • We accept previously published/exhibited work.
  • We are particularly looking for UK based artists.
  • We are particularly looking for sketchbooks and zines.
  • We may accept non-Arab artists if your work is MENA based.



Please send us your project / piece of art work that relates to the theme Transition.


  • Subject Line: “Exhibition _ (Your name).”
  • What the submission is for: Exhibition OR Website
  • Full Name
  • Website Link
  • About your self
  • About your project in detail, (idea, message, inspiration?)
  • Attach images in the email / dropbox only!

  • Please send all submissions in one email, do not send multiple emails.
  • We are open to ideas / concepts being sent to us, but the work must be finished before June.
  • All works needs to be in high quality 300dpi or scanned at 300dpi quality.
  • Videos/Films need a link to Youtube or Vimeo.


If you are chosen, your work will be exhibited in London, performance artist/musician will be flown out to perform, additionally a publication will be produced that will promote you and your work.

Please ensure that if you are chosen, your work will be available for exhibition and prepared and packaged accordingly. All your work will be returned the following week of the exhibition. Please only apply if you are prepared to ship your work.


Do not send questions to the above email as they will not be answered. Any important enquiries to

We look forward to reviewing your work and hopefully giving you all an opportunity for an exhibition!


  • If you are interested in getting your work featured on the website, please specify in the subject line. Example subject Line: “WEBSITE _ (NAME).” Do not just send us a submission without specifying exactly what the submission is for.
  • We accept: Interviews, Short stories, short essays, reviews, exhibition images, photography, video, sketches, digital art, and anything else creative for the website.