El Far3i, Al Raseef & Z The People

Arts Canteen & Superculture present:

El Far3i, Al Raseef & Z The People 

Tuesday 21 August at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 8pm.
Don’t miss this live music line-up featuring fantastic acts across Balkan, Soul, Arabic Folk, Acoustic Rap, Hip-Hop and more! 
El Far3i

El Far3i-الفرعي’s music can be described as a mixture of Hip Hop, Arabic Folk and Acoustic Rap and Arabic poetry. He believes in the power of his music and exploring and adapting the lyrics to fit the current social and political conditions.

Al Raseef ع الرصيف

A dynamic street band that plays a fusion between Arabic and Balkan music.

Al Raseef is a band and a musical idea that started in Ramallah, Palestine in 2011, that plays Arabic and Balkan music in vibrant and varied grooves, with a contemporary and new fresh arrangements. The sound is characterized by the versatile colors of wind instruments; brass and woodwinds, accompanied by a guitar and the drums; which sails you on a musical journey around the Mediterranean and its diverse cultures.

Z the People 

Z the People زين الناس is a singer, producer, and keys player from the Palestinian diaspora.

Born in the Washington D.C. USA and a product of many Soul and RnB influences, Z has carved a reputation for his style of mixing of Soul and Arabic music. His songwriting reflects the struggle of two worlds colliding, and the search for home in a scattered universe.

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