Arabs Are Not Funny

After a very successful sold-out 29 editions, Arabs Are Not Funny is coming to #Walthamstow – Waltham Forest!
The first ever London Borough of Culture! We’re looking forward to delivering a great show with very interesting line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions, looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents and Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong!
This show is widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights among the Arab community and beyond.
Comedians hand-picked from London coming together If you like controversial, modern chat, these comedians will bring it in spades.

بعد إصدار 29 إصدارًا ناجحًا للغاية ، أصبح موقع “العرب ليس مضحكة” يصل إلى والتهامستو – والتهام فوريست!

أول لندن على الإطلاق للثقافة! نحن نتطلع إلى تقديم عرض رائع مع مجموعة مثيرة للاهتمام للغاية من الكوميديين الذين يمثلون العالم العربي والمناطق المحيطة به ، ونتطلع إلى فرصة لعرض مواهبهم ومحاولات الكوميديين ذات الجذور في العالم العربي لإثبات خطأ الرافضين!
يعتبر هذا العرض على نطاق واسع واحدة من أهم الليالي الكوميدية بين المجتمع العربي وما وراءه.
الكوميديون الذين يتم اختيارهم يدويًا من لندن يجتمعون معًا إذا كنت تحب الدردشة الحديثة المثيرة للجدل ، فإن هؤلاء الممثلين الكوميديين سوف يجلبونها إلى مكان رائع.

جميع أعمال اللغة الإنجليزية.

– Sezar Alkassab
Scottish comedian, born to iraqi parents Stand-up comedian Sezar Alkassab brings his storytelling comedy style to the stage with silly stories, informed observations, and provocative punchlines.
“Absolutely brilliant! Such a friendly guy, and the show was hilarious!” – The Vaults UK “A talented and exciting comedian to watch” – Festival Angaelica, USA Sezar Alkassab won various awards and honours in 2017 for ‘Paint Dry’, a feature-length film which he wrote, directed, starred in and produced, including Best First-time Filmmaker at the 2017 Nevada International Film Festival. He was a 2015 semi-finalist in the new-act competition So You Think You’re Funny and has appeared on BBC Radio 4 as part of The BBC Radio New Comedy Award (now renamed Radio 4 Comedy Award

– Isabelle Farah

A British-Lebanese actress, comedian and admin monkey, unsure whether she is more at home in both the Lebanese Mountains or the mountains of Muswell Hill. Isabelle has a long history of trying hard but failing miserably at being a serious person, which is why she fell into comedy.

– Maria Shehata

A award-winning Egyptian-American comedian who has lived in New York, LA, and now London where she is quickly making a name for herself at some of the top comedy clubs in the country.

She has a conversational delivery and no-nonsense candor and a style that is sardonic yet playful, which she uses to charm audiences all over the US, UK, and Europe. Maria’s stand up has been featured on Comedy Central’s “The Watch List,” Showtime’s “Bridging the Gap,” and Nuvo TV’s “Stand Up and Deliver.”

She was featured in the series “The Cradle of Comedy,” and appeared in the film “100 Jokes.” She has trained in improv and sketch with UCB and Second City. Maria is winner of Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema, and Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest where she was nominated for Best Actress.– Leila LadhariHalf Swiss, half Austrian, half Tunisian and half arsed when it comes to adding up fractions. With a face like butter wouldn’t melt, but a mouth that’s far from halal, she spends half her time doing stand up comedy, half her time acting and the other half working on new ways to bring shame on her family. “