Arabs Are Not Funny

After a very successful sold-out 29 editions, Arabs Are Not Funny is coming to #Walthamstow – Waltham Forest!
The first ever London Borough of Culture! We’re looking forward to delivering a great show with very interesting line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions, looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents and Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong!
This show is widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights among the Arab community and beyond.
Comedians hand-picked from London coming together If you like controversial, modern chat, these comedians will bring it in spades.

بعد إصدار 29 إصدارًا ناجحًا للغاية ، أصبح موقع “العرب ليس مضحكة” يصل إلى والتهامستو – والتهام فوريست!

أول لندن على الإطلاق للثقافة! نحن نتطلع إلى تقديم عرض رائع مع مجموعة مثيرة للاهتمام للغاية من الكوميديين الذين يمثلون العالم العربي والمناطق المحيطة به ، ونتطلع إلى فرصة لعرض مواهبهم ومحاولات الكوميديين ذات الجذور في العالم العربي لإثبات خطأ الرافضين!
يعتبر هذا العرض على نطاق واسع واحدة من أهم الليالي الكوميدية بين المجتمع العربي وما وراءه.
الكوميديون الذين يتم اختيارهم يدويًا من لندن يجتمعون معًا إذا كنت تحب الدردشة الحديثة المثيرة للجدل ، فإن هؤلاء الممثلين الكوميديين سوف يجلبونها إلى مكان رائع.

جميع أعمال اللغة الإنجليزية.

– Sezar Alkassab
Scottish comedian, born to iraqi parents Stand-up comedian Sezar Alkassab brings his storytelling comedy style to the stage with silly stories, informed observations, and provocative punchlines.
“Absolutely brilliant! Such a friendly guy, and the show was hilarious!” – The Vaults UK “A talented and exciting comedian to watch” – Festival Angaelica, USA Sezar Alkassab won various awards and honours in 2017 for ‘Paint Dry’, a feature-length film which he wrote, directed, starred in and produced, including Best First-time Filmmaker at the 2017 Nevada International Film Festival. He was a 2015 semi-finalist in the new-act competition So You Think You’re Funny and has appeared on BBC Radio 4 as part of The BBC Radio New Comedy Award (now renamed Radio 4 Comedy Award

– Isabelle Farah

A British-Lebanese actress, comedian and admin monkey, unsure whether she is more at home in both the Lebanese Mountains or the mountains of Muswell Hill. Isabelle has a long history of trying hard but failing miserably at being a serious person, which is why she fell into comedy.

– Maria Shehata

A award-winning Egyptian-American comedian who has lived in New York, LA, and now London where she is quickly making a name for herself at some of the top comedy clubs in the country.

She has a conversational delivery and no-nonsense candor and a style that is sardonic yet playful, which she uses to charm audiences all over the US, UK, and Europe. Maria’s stand up has been featured on Comedy Central’s “The Watch List,” Showtime’s “Bridging the Gap,” and Nuvo TV’s “Stand Up and Deliver.”

She was featured in the series “The Cradle of Comedy,” and appeared in the film “100 Jokes.” She has trained in improv and sketch with UCB and Second City. Maria is winner of Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema, and Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest where she was nominated for Best Actress.– Leila LadhariHalf Swiss, half Austrian, half Tunisian and half arsed when it comes to adding up fractions. With a face like butter wouldn’t melt, but a mouth that’s far from halal, she spends half her time doing stand up comedy, half her time acting and the other half working on new ways to bring shame on her family. “

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Formed in 2011, Adonis is a powerful 4-piece indie-pop/rock band who have been leaving an undeniable stamp on Lebanon’s independent music scene. The name of the band was inspired by the lead’s home town, the village of Adonis, which also inspired the band’s debut single, “Stouh Adonis,” (The Rooftops of Adonis). The album was released in 2012 referencing gatherings on rooftops in the village and is heavily dosed with nostalgia.

For their first European tour, they will be performing songs from their earlier albums, revisiting the cheeky and compelling themes and sounds of Arabic 80s and 90s pop music, as well as more recent tunes from their two latest two albums, “Nour” and “12 Hours”, produced by Jean-Marie Riachi and Sleiman Damien, who introduce electro-dance influences into the band’s sound, and address the broader socio-political issues that shape the Middle-East today. 

The band has so far released 4 albums exploring the diverse facets and daily stories of Arab urban life.

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This concert has been made possible by the support of Al Araby TV.
Rich Mix is wheelchair accessible

14+. Under 16s to be accompanied by an adult.

Doors open 19:30 on Monday 28th October 2019 at Rich Mix



Articulating the many elements of contemporary Egyptian society that drive their generation, Cairokee’s music balances rock and spacious electronica with hints of pop and chaabi. Their anthemic calls for freedom, self-reflection and societal changes are an innate reflection of their phenomenal song-writing abilities and fan base, and have placed them at the top of Egypt’s most popular contemporary musical acts.

The name Cairokee expresses the bands irrefutable connection with their Egyptian audiences, combining Cairo & Karaoke to symbolise their “singing along” with Cairo. Yet after over 15 years of performing and numerous albums, their captivating energy, creativity and humility has ensured that it is now Egypt that sings along with them, not the other way around.

Their latest and sixth album “Ugly Duckling” was launched in March 2019 and builds upon “Cairokee’s Parallel Universe” established in their song “No2ta Beida” (White Dot). It is a space through which they invite all the “outcasts” to break free from patriarchal and societal shackles, traditions and restrictions. All that cannot be discussed is put on display through the “ugly” truth on this album. Musically, the album builds on their indie, pop and rock traditions flirting with electronic influences.

Sunday 8th December 2019 at Electric Ballroom
7.00PM | from £22

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18+ photographic ID may be required as a condition of entry.

For wheelchair access please email Appropriate seating will be arranged. Wheelchair users can access all of the main (ground) floor. 

للتعبير عن العديد من عناصر المجتمع المصري المعاصر التي تقود جيلهم ، فإن موسيقى كايروكي توازن بين موسيقى الروك وإلكترونيكا واسعة مع تلميحات من البوب ​​والشعبي. إن دعواتهم النشيد للحرية والتأمل الذاتي والتغييرات المجتمعية هي انعكاس فطري لقدراتهم على كتابة الأغاني بشكل هائل وقاعدة المعجبين بهم ، وقد وضعوها في مقدمة الأعمال الموسيقية المعاصرة الأكثر شعبية في مصر.

يعبر اسم كايروكي عن الفرق التي لا يمكن دحضها في التواصل مع جمهورهم المصري ، ويجمع بين القاهرة والكاريوكي لترمز إلى “الغناء” مع القاهرة. ومع ذلك ، بعد أكثر من 15 عامًا من الأداء والألبومات العديدة ، ضمنت طاقتهم الرائعة وإبداعهم وتواضعهم أن مصر تغني معهم الآن ، وليس العكس.

تم إطلاق ألبومهم الأخير والسادس “البطة القبيحة” في مارس 2019 ويستند إلى “كايروكي عالم موازي” الذي تم إنشاؤه في أغنيتهم ​ (النقطة البيضاء). إنها مساحة يدعون من خلالها جميع “المنبوذين” للتحرر من القيود الأبوية والمجتمعية والتقاليد والقيود. يتم عرض كل ما لا يمكن مناقشته من خلال الحقيقة “القبيحة” في
هذا الألبوم. موسيقيًا ، يعتمد الألبوم على تقاليد اندي و بوب و روك التي تمتزج بالتأثيرات الإلكترونية.

Sunday 8th December 2019 at Electric Ballroom

اشتري تذاكر

18+ هوية فوتوغرافية قد تكون مطلوبة كشرط للدخول.

للوصول إلى كرسي متحرك ، يرجى إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى سيتم ترتيب المقاعد المناسبة. يمكن لمستخدمي الكراسي المتحركة الوصول إلى الطابق الرئيسي (الأرضي).




Returning for its 15th edition, Hishek Bishek, is back in full force with a special edition celebrating the pan-continental bass heavy beats, rhythms and grooves of the Middle East via Mumbai. Taking over the bottom floor at Electrowerkz, this night journeys through the regions’ fascinating musical landscapes and subcultures, paying homage to the international soundtracks of celebration and popular music.

Expect anything and everything from cutting edge new releases, bootleg wedding recordings, old skool gems and those damn cheesy classics that you just can’t get enough of…

ROOM 1 : Hishek Bishek UK – هشك بشك
ROOM 2: Kuch Kuch Bollywood Nights

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Hishek Bishek nights tend to sell out, so make sure to get your tickets early.
This edition is wheelchair accessible.
Doors open 11pm.

الدبكة | الشعبي | بوليوود | بنجابرا | كلاسيكيات الجبنة

بعد عودته إلى نسخته الخامسة عشرة ، عاد “هشك بشك” بكامل طاقته مع إصدار خاص يحتفل بالإيقاعات الثقيلة القارية والإيقاعات والأخاديد في الشرق الأوسط عبر مومباي. يستحوذ هذا المساء على الطابق السفلي في Electrowerkz ، ويتنقل عبر المناظر الطبيعية الموسيقية الرائعة في المنطقة والثقافات الفرعية ، ويشيد بالموسيقى التصويرية العالمية للاحتفال والموسيقى الشعبية.

توقع أي شيء وكل شيء من أحدث الإصدارات الجديدة ، وتسجيلات حفلات الزفاف ، والأحجار الكريمة القديمة ، وتلك الكلاسيكية الكلاسيكية التي لا يمكنك الحصول عليها …

غرفة 1: – هشك بشك
غرفة 2: كوتش كوتش بوليوود ليلة وليلة

اشتري التذاكر

يرجى ملاحظة أن هذا الحدث هو 18+ والحكومة. معرف إلزامي.

تميل ليالي Hishek Bishek إلى البيع ، لذا تأكد من الحصول على التذاكر في وقت مبكر.
هذه الطبعة يمكن الوصول إليها على كرسي متحرك.
الأبواب مفتوحة 11 مساءً.

Events News

A magic realist Afrabia

‘A Magic Realist Afrabia,’ is a series of digital prints exploring ideas on multicultural identities, hybridity, and the third space. Looking at Sudanese author Tayeb Salih’s ‘Season of Migration to the North’ for inspiration, Elnayal follows main character Mustafa’s journey from Sudan to London and his struggle with his contradicting, convoluted and evolving ethnic identity in her work. Elnayal researches and translates magic realist techniques extracted from literature, art and photography into design techniques, and combines it with information obtained from the photographic essay on the Sudanese aesthetic to build a hybrid, urban, magic realist Afrabia.

‘A Magic Realist Afrabia’ is aimed to resonate with British Sudanese and tap into their waves of hybridity as well as appeal to all that occupy the ‘third space’, all who are migrants and have adopted new homes and therefore new identities. All Afro-Arabs, all non-westerners now living in the West, all that called for a revolution and are re-inventing their own identities.

‘A Magic Realist Afrabia,’ derived from Elnayal’s on-going and developing interest in her own hybrid British-Sudanese identity and struggles that come with it. In particular the struggle of describing the Sudanese identity to Westerners. Through her work Elnayal poses the questions: How do we begin to describe our complex ethnic backgrounds when its history is still being speculated on? How do we stress the necessity of maintaining all identities simultaneously? For Elnayal the answer is: magic realism.

Rayan Elnayal is young British-Sudanese artist interested in multicultural hybridity. Elnayal used her masters in architecture from the University of Greenwich to re-imagine Church street in Paddington as a magic realist Afrabia. Project supervised by Rahesh Ram and Mark Garcia.

Exhibitions Dates : 6th – 21st September 2019

Curator: Mishelle Brito
Artist: Rayan Elnayal  


Free Admission

Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 12–6pm, Saturday 12–4pm, and Wednesdays until 8pm | | | Twitter @P21Gallery | 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD Nearest tube: Euston or King’s Cross St. Pancras, T. +44 (0) 20 7121 6190, E.


P21 Gallery

21 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD


P21 Gallery


STANCES- مواقف


Now in its 2nd edition, STANCES is a multimedia & performance festival dedicated to contemporary artists from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria who take daring and critical stances towards their ever-changing social and political landscape, either amongst their respective diasporas or across North Africa. Photography, design, film, poetry, live music, workshops and masterclasses will all feature in this year’s programme, showcasing the latest urban endeavours young and upcoming creatives have embarked on to disentangle complexities of perception, identity, belonging and self-worth. 

الآن في نسخته الثانية ، يعد – “مواقف” مهرجانًا للوسائط المتعددة والأداء مخصصًا للفنانين المعاصرين من المغرب وتونس والجزائر الذين يتخذون مواقف جريئة وناقدة تجاه المشهد الاجتماعي والسياسي المتغير باستمرار ، إما بين الشتات الخاص بهم أو عبر شمال إفريقيا . سيتم عرض كل من التصوير الفوتوغرافي والتصميم والسينما والشعر والموسيقى الحية وورش العمل والأدوات الرئيسية في برنامج هذا العام ، لعرض أحدث المساعي الحضرية التي باشرها المبدعون الصغار والقادمون في اكتشاف تعقيدات الإدراك والهوية والانتماء وتقدير الذات.

This is an all-day event for all ages. To the exception of the live music and feature film screening, all other events are completely free and based on a donation system. 


Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview

FEATURE FILM: screening of award-winning soulful documentary “We Could Be Heroes” by Moroccan director Hind Bensari (Q&A with a film critic) – ticketed event
SHORT FILM: a 90 minute screening session of three short films from North Africa (Q&A with a film critic) – free event
LIVE MUSIC: Speed Caravan (Algeria), Ghoula (Tunisia) and Gnawa London (Morocco) – ticketed event 
STORYTELLING: a collective writing workshop addressing questions of north African spirituality between myth, religion and ancestral wisdom – free event 

ROUNDTABLE: juxtaposition between North Africans as refugees and asylum seekers in the UK on one hand, and as hosts of Sub Saharan African refugees on the other – free event

LISTENING SESSION: a sound journey and debate around Nigeria’s sweeping Afrobeats, Ivorian emerging Afrotrap and North African Autotuned Rai – free event
& much more!

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This event has been made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England and Al Araby TV. 

When and Where:
Doors open 11:30 am on Saturday 21st September 2019 at Rich Mix
MARSM and Anzul


Abdul and The Gang perform their first UK show.

Abdul and The Gang mix chaabi music, gnawa rhythms and funk. Eight musicians will transport you to the desert and far-west to accompany the Arabic songs of Abdul (Abu Ben Salem). They have concocted a new sound from the East, the Maghreb, chaabi melodies and gnawas rhythms, and combines them with the groove and arrangements of funk or afrobeats. From this mix of genres, Gnawa Funk is born.

Timothé PETTER
Julien LEVY
Alexandre GOSSO
Ludovic COLLEU

In partnership with Joyful Noise Productions.

More info:

Rich Mix doors at 8:00 pm
The show starts at 8:30 pm.


Faraj Suleiman – EFG London Jazz Festival

After selling out at the EFG London Jazz Festival in 2019, renowned Palestinian composer and pianist Faraj Suleiman returns to the capital to play an exclusive quintet show.

Born in a village in the upper Galilee, Suleiman has been playing the piano since the tender age of three. Influenced by his passion for Arabic music and eastern rhythms, it’s both Suleiman’s groundbreaking original compositions as well as his compelling renditions that have led him to become one of the leading composers of the Arab world.

His penchant for Arabic scales and modalities smoothly blends with his inspiration from tango and jazz traditions to create a uniquely captivating sound. In the past five years he has released five albums alongside numerous stunning works with poets, theatres and musicals. Currently based in Paris, he is gearing up to release his first non-instrumental album that features Suleiman’s own written compositions and lyrics.

This event has been made possible with support from Al Araby TV.


Different Sand

written by Samia Djilli

Amira and Linda live day-in-day out in their dingy North-London flat, whilst trying to match the needs of their Algerian father.

Career driven Amira prays five times a day, takes care of the house and pays the bills, whilst Linda is busy partying and pulling pints at the local pub.

When Amira decides it’s time for her to get married, the sisters battle over what’s going to happen next, and who they really are.

This modern family drama discusses what it means to come from two cultures and, ultimately, what it means to be sisters.


8 – 16 September 2019
Sundays and Mondays, 7pm

Relaxed Performances 
The performance on Sun 15 September at 7pm will be Relaxed. This means that you are free to move about, make noise and come and go during the show.
For more details on accessibility at The Bunker, please click here.


Double Bill Tickets
See both Different Sand and Willow for £15

Lemon House Theatre is a new theatre company rooted in the idea of collaboration. The company was created as a way to build a community hub where artists felt supported in taking risks and experimenting, with the aim of Lemon House Theatre being to make vibrant theatre that creates conversation between artists and audiences.


Resilience Exile Mutation

Exhibitions Dates : 2nd – 24th August 2019

Resilience Exile Mutation (REM) is both a visual tale of his life’s work and an exploration of a unique aesthetic; neither here nor there, Dema’s work shines in its singularity. Like many of us, Dema has always felt in between, at the crossroads of various distinct identities and simply refused to choose a side. His works are vibrant expressions of calligraphy, graffiti, poetry and language. With each piece Dema blurs the lines between, sometimes overwhelmingly tragic, 21st century geopolitics and his humorous view of the futility of existence. Dema not only embraces his intersectionality, he sees it, in all its complexity, as his truest self.

REM is a collaboration with P21 Gallery, a space supporting learning and storytelling of Arab art and culture through dialogue and tolerance. Dema invades the gallery’s unique architecture and makes it his canvas. On it he paints his family’s journey from Morocco to Belgium and their life in Brussels. The exhibition tells one of the millions of stories of geographic displacement and internal exile that can be found in a city like London, a buzzing colourful metropolis home to an incredible array of cultures. REM is curated to shine a light on the city’s hidden gems, the stories that its inhabitants rarely share and if so only within the safety of family. Stories of resilience and exile, whose protagonists always end up changed. REM is an opportunity to hear those journeys and understand the strength of diversity. It is the first step in a long-term project around identity and wellbeing, it is more than just an exhibition, it is a platform for communication, partnerships and storytelling for anyone and everyone who relates.

REM is an open call to young artists who want to expand the art space, it is a shout out to tellers of tales in search of an audience and to teachers with a thirst for learning. 

DemaOne is a Belgian-Moroccan visual artist born and raised in Brussels, 30 years ago he started an exploration of art and identity. His work ranges from calligraphic experimentation using ink and paper, to elaborate 30ft tall murals. It has taken him all over the world, from Rio to Dubai, DC to Dakar he holds exhibitions and workshops all the while making connections and having conversations. He spends the rest of his time organising artistic events and activities for children, teenagers and vulnerable people in his hometown of Brussels. He works on a regular basis with the BOZAR museum and strives for a more inclusive art space; in his neighbourhood as well as abroad.

Ghazaleh (Zalia) Zogheib curated REM using her experience as a linguist and a teacher, at the intersection of knowledge and leisure. She believes that great things can come of very little, that what appears small and insignificant can be infinitely rich and complex and REM embodies that idea. It started two years ago inside a repurposed shipping container in Brixton. Back then it was simply a conversation on art, education and the absurdity of existence between two people with the shared belief that no box is big enough to contain anyone.

Join us this August at P21 for workshops and events and help us transform a simple exhibition into a citywide conversation. Take it a step further and redesign the Art space using digital platforms to create accessible, interactive and inclusive exhibitions. With this in mind, we invite you to enhance this exhibition by posting your thoughts, pictures, sound bites on internal exile using #REM_P21 on Twitter and Instagram and find out more @Demacnn

“I am from there. I am from here.

I am not there and I am not here.

I have two names, which meet and part, and I have two languages.

I forget which of them I dream in.”

Mahmoud Darwish


For further exhibition information, press images and interview opportunities, please contact the gallery:, or Ghazaleh (Zalia) Zogheib:


Free Admission

Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 12–6pm, Saturday 12–4pm, and Wednesdays until 8pm | | | Twitter @P21Gallery | 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD Nearest tube: Euston or King’s Cross St. Pancras, T. +44 (0) 20 7121 6190, E.