Festive Souk 2015

We are very pleased to announce that our Festive Souk returns from 3-5 December for its third and biggest edition to date! Come down to The Arab British Centre where artists and creatives from multi-disciplinary backgrounds will be showcasing their works inspired by the rich and diverse cultures of the Arab world.

 This year we welcome new participants, some of whom are showcasing in London for the very first time. There will be a whole range of products available for purchase ranging from textiles, clothing, accessories, jewellery, crafts, ceramics, limited edition prints, literature and food. Please scroll down to see the full list of participants.

Spread the word and tell your friends! We look forward to seeing you.


Thursday 3 December 2015 | 17:00-21:00

Friday 4 December 2015 | 10:00-18:00

Saturday 5 December 2015 | 12:00-18:00

Address: 1 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE


Banipal Magazine
Founded in 1988, Banipal magazine showcases contemporary Arab authors in English translation, from wherever they are writing and publishing.

Issam Ismail
Issam creates beautiful objects made of Hebron glass from Palestine, an ancient form of high quality glass making dating back to Phoenician times.

Kalimat Magazine
Kalimat is a non-profit, independent, media production organisation that features bold, engaging political, design, film, fashion, literature, musical and new media content.

‘Kuffieh Style’ by Fadila AAlouchi
‘Kuffieh Style’ uses the traditional Palestinian Kuffiyeh to create clothing and accessories mixing both Oriental and European styles.

Moroccan Bazaar
From the heart of London, the centre of style, to the heartbeat of Fes, the birthplace of fine Moroccan craftsmanship, comes Moroccan Bazaar.

Nuun Interiors, representing NAGADA
Unique homeware collection, made in Egypt, using the finest traditionally hand-woven Egyptian cotton.

NH Olivewood from Bethlehm
Olive wood accessories and fashion 100% made in Palestine.

Pheel is an experimental design studio that offers diverse, conceptual products that are built on beautiful things we see and experience.

Zaytoun is the leading UK brand of fairly traded Palestinian artisan produce, founded in 2004 with the aim of supporting farming communities through trade rather than aid.


 Yasser Ameur
Yasser is a visual artist who explores the human condition in contemporary society. Yasser has worked as a street artist which, he says, provides him a place to “raise questions.”

Asia Boulahbal

Nadine Kaadan
Nadine is an award winning children’s  book author and illustrator, whose mission it is to spread reading culture in the Arab world, in a way that is inspired by Syria’s rich  heritage.

Joumana Medlej
A graphic designer by training, Joumana learned the essence of Kufi script, the oldest form of Arabic, from master calligrapher Samir Sayegh, through years of close collaboration.

Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings
Omeima is a textile designer and artist. Her designs are a unique fusion of eastern and western influences, with strong influences of organic forms and Arabic styles

Hania Zaazoua
Hania is a visual artist whose images can also be found on furnishings and miscellaneous objects. Zaazoua also founded Brokk’art and has collaborated with designers Bergson and Jung.