Tamer Hosny & Hussein Eldeek Valentine’s Special

Celebrate 2018’s valentine with Tamer Housny & Hussein ElDeek in London.

The event is taken place in “Adelphi Theater”, on Feb 18th 2018, from 7PM

Starting price 51£

احتفل بعيد الحب لعام 2018 مع تامر حسني وحسين الديك في لندن

سيقام الحفل في “مسرح اديلفي” يوم 18 من شهر فبراير لعام 2018 من الساعة 7 مساءً

سبدأ سعر التذكرة من 51 باوند


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Tamer Hosny in London

For the first time in United Kingdom, Tamer Hosny تامر حسني is performing for one night only in London.

Also joining him on stage will be the UK’s leading Arabic singer Mr Sami Alhussami with the award winning musician Maestro Tarik Saeed. And as a special treat, you will be entertained for the first time in the UK by the number one Middle-Eastern DJ in the USA DJ Tamer Yehya.



18:30 Doors Open

19:30 Sami Alhussami

Tarik Saeed

20:30 DJ Tamer Yehya

21:00 Tamer Hosny

No entry after 20:00


Concert Rules

No caps, hats, trainers or sports wear

You must have your ticket on you at all times during the concert


Booking & Enquiries

Layali Events

07983490711 or 07930154424


Fri, 17 Apr 2015 to Fri, 17 Apr 2015


Event Venue: Cental Hall Westminster, London SW1H 9NH